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What Are Dis

What are these cards?

Face Value Cards are greeting cards that can be given for any occasion. You shouldn't have to wait until a holiday. Tell grandma you love her all the much bunches right now. Help brighten a friend's mood when they had a bummer day. Let someone know how weird your humor is. We are here to help!

Or just get one yourself because they made you giggle. I mean, come on. Treat yourself.

Most importantly, you can use these cards to show someone you care. Connect with friends. Make a loved one laugh. We think they'll love it.

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Featured cards!

Love Much Bunches Card | Face Value Cards

Our thoughts on this one:

"All the much bunches for realsies. I mean it! All of it! All the times! It’s not going anywhere. It can’t cuz love. Oh em goose all the loves! You know the feeling cuz I have it too! Love!"

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